don’t touch my head!


Miles is learning so much at school! You know the typical things like his colors, working on using scissors, waiting in line, sitting in a circle…but he is also learning something else that is new to him!

This might not be news to some of you folks, but Miles does not like anyone touching his head. ¬†Getting him to wear a hood, hat, helmet, etc…has been close to impossible. And, we won’t even get into what we have to go through for a haircut! (Between the uniquely shaped head and moving target, I’m pretty sure I could pass a haircutting exam at this point)

This past week, Miles has made great strides in this area. Not only did I complete a haircut without cutting myself or him, but he actually wore his hood at recess!

And then…oh, my! You won’t believe this one!!! They have been working with him on this since school started. They won’t let him ride the bike without the helmet, so this week was his first bike ride at school!

He even left the helmet on for 5 minutes! (And he’s so stinkin’ cute, don’t you think?)